The Metaphysical Beat Cafe Where Insomniacs Meet


Hello, insomniacs. Too wired to sleep and too tired to work? You’re not alone. Come to the Night Cafe, a hip joint located between the worlds of wakefulness and dreams. Hang with other sleepless cats and make the scene, dig the band, and order up cures for what ails you.


What happens at the Night Cafe?



…an optional dream persona and a short briefing on how to best enjoy Night Cafe.


…our live band, various sleep-themed activities, and check out tonight’s bespoke menu of sleepless experiences.


…and schedule your desired experiences with the help of our Cafe Hosts and sleepless technicians


…our Tour Office where a guide will usher you and a few others to the Dream Corridor for your desired experience.



Name *


Date: July 19th and 20th, 2019

Time: 6:30 pm to 12:30am, with staggered entrance times. Show duration is 2-3 hours, depending on ticket.

Place: Auspicious Phoenix Productions; 64 Joy St, Somerville, MA 02143

Cost: $40-85

Suggested Dress: Beatnik chic, pajamas or Beatnik Pajama chic



The Night Cafe is a new interactive theater pop-up set in the metaphysical beat cafe where insomniacs meet. Half playful cafe, half mysterious small-group adventures, Night Cafe strives to offer participants different sorts of interactive experiences under a single roof. It features live jazz, quests, puzzles, and a menu of small bespoke experiences.

Tell me more about what happens at the Night Cafe?

Upon entering, we'll read your dream aura and you'll receive a short briefing on how to best enjoy The Night Cafe. Inside the cafe, enjoy our live band, various sleep-themed activities, and check out tonight’s bespoke menu of experiences. At your designated time, head to the Waiting Room, where you will be sorted into and escorted to your Dream Corridor experience. Enjoy the cafe while awaiting your next experience, or head to the Exit Room for a final surprise.

Is there a dress code?

Well, not a code, per se, but if you wanna hang with the hipsters, we suggest you dress in beatnik pajama chic. This could mean your best black beret, your pajamas, or both.

An easy way to look beatnik is to wear any of the following: all black, berets, horizontal striped shirts, tight pants, sunglasses, or horn-rimmed glasses. For advanced ways to look beatnik, try a Stilyagi look.

Pajamas are always appropriate at the Night Cafe.

Tell me about the Dream Corridor.

There are many rooms along the Dream Corridor, each containing its own small participatory experience. You’ll likely see two or three of them during your visit to The Night Cafe.

During each visit to the Dream Corridor, you’ll be faced with two options. Luxury ticket holders will select which experience they prefer; we’ll choose for standard ticket holders. If you don’t feel like a Dream Corridor visit, that’s OK--you can always opt out.

What are my ticketing options?

The Night Cafe has staggered entry. We're offering three basic types of tickets:

Rider Ticket. Our basic package, which comes with access to the amazing interactive Night Cafe, but does not include the Dream Corridor. Enter the experience between 6:30p and 7:30p or 9:30p and 10:30p, and stay up to two hours. ($40)

Poet Tickets. This comes with two experiences on the Dream Corridor, plus access to our interactive cafe. You'll spend about two hours at the show and will enter between 7 and 7:30p. ($55-65)

Rebel Tickets. For the cool cats who can't get enough experiences. These puppies come with a full ride--three!--experiences on the Dream Corridor, plus access to our interactive cafe. You'll spend nearly three hours at the show and will enter between 6:30 and 7p. ($75-85).

In addition, your Rebel or Poet ticket can be either Standard or Luxury class. With a Luxury ticket, you’ll choose among available experiences. With a Standard ticket, we’ll choose for you.

What's the venue’s accessibility like?

If you have particular concerns or might require adjustments, please do reach out to us at We're happy to provide more details. The different areas of the venue are separated by a short flight of stairs (3 stairs), but there is a "long way" around if needed.


About Us

The Night Cafe is a collaboration between immersive designers Kellian Adams Pletcher (Green Door Labs) and Lizzie Stark (Stark Participation). With a combined twenty years of experience designing games, larps, and theatrical experiences, their work has appeared in the Kennedy Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and beyond. Kellian is best-known for her immersive show Club Drosselmeyer, an immersive nutcracker in swing time, Lizzie for her book Leaving Mundania and for co-editing the #Feminism nanogame collection. They both teach game design at Northeastern University and previously collaborated on the participatory puzzle play Save the Munbax in October 2018.


Elise Roth and her Slumber Five

Daud Alzayer

Jacqueline Carlson

Erik Fearing

Caroline Murphy

Brian Pletcher

Lucia Starkey

...and more to come


Set Design

Ted Simpson

Dream Designers

Sharang Biswas and  Nick O'Leary

Stephanie Houten and Kiara Vincent

Sam Liberty

Jason Morningstar

Caroline Murphy

Mark Sabalauskas

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