I was "poster child" for the Standard American Diet and believed everything I had been taught as a child...."milk does a body good" / "Wonder Bread helps build strong bodies 12 ways" and without the protein of Kraft Mac and Cheese how could I possibly grow up healthy?  I tried many, MANY diets. I believed I would be diabetic and overweight with heart disease because that was my "family history". I believed my future was determined by my genetics and there was little I could do other than follow the same patterns my family had before me: taking drugs to slow the progression of heart disease and diabetes and spend my life alternately dieting and not dieting, i.e., being good and being bad.

In my 30's I became Vegetarian. I was a very overweight, unhealthy and uneducated vegetarian...but at least I didn't eat meat. (Go ahead and laugh..that's pretty funny.) Thirteen years later I went to the North American Vegetarian Summerfest and heard Dr. Michael Greger. That was what I needed: science. For the first time I was faced with a decision based on what I knew to be true. Do I ignore it or do I change? I made the choice to change my life first, by becoming vegan and second, by becoming educated about veganism. That's when I learned that the power to be healthy was my own- that my life was not predetermined by genetics, I could change the bad habits my family had created. 

Honestly, I was afraid I was going to starve to death! Years later and from experience, I know that one can both eat well AND be vegan, and have a great time doing it! I  want people to be educated so they may make their own choices.  Recipes? Cooking styles? Humor? I'm your gal. What I won't do is argue, judge or preach. The sorry truth is that sometimes, vegans can be a daunting group. Who has time? Who has the money? Who has the kind of attention that's demanded to do it "right"? But I feel like I'm proof that one regular person can be vegan within reason and that healthy habits change your life, one meal at a time.  I want to share the lessons that changed my life, and maybe can change yours, too!