What’s in the Dream Corridor? What can I expect?

In the Cafe you’ll hobnob with the other sleepless while you solve what’s keeping you awake but now and then… you’ll be called to the Dream Corridor. The Corridor is a series of six small-group experiences from six different immersive designers, each lasting for up to fifteen minutes. You can choose THREE encounters, TWO encounters or none at all if you’re happy in the Cafe. What kind of experiences will you find in the Corridor?

Aronia yellow.jpg

Welcome to Aronia, by Jason Morningstar

Are you ready for sun, sand, surf, majestic white-capped mountains and the vacation destination of your dreams?!!! Fantastic! Your flight awaits for a week of much-deserved rest relaxation. You just need to fill in some very simple customs paperwork first.

Generously sponsored by The Burren

The deep time dome.jpg

The Deep Time Dome by Sam Liberty

Ever lie awake worrying about your place in the universe? Ponder life, death and your place in the cosmos in our metaphysical space dome. Guests will enter our 15 foot planetarium dome while a gentle voice guides them through the stars… and other things.

Brought to you by our friends at Friendship Lodge #20 IOOF

The Counsel small.jpg

The Counsel by Sharang Biswas and Nick O’Leary

The Doctor is IN! Work through the pressing issues that are keeping you awake in a (semi-) licensed group counseling environment with a (semi-) trained professional. But why are you here again? And why does everyone keep talking about avocados? Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.